Site Management

There is an on site management/maintenance engineer for all support services.


The industrial estate is by location well hidden from public view and is protected by high-galvanised steel fencing and a full circumference state of the art digital 24 hour recorded video surveillance CCTV system.


Electricity is provided by metered supply to each unit and is invoiced monthly. Tenants make their own arrangements for telephone lines and gas supplies which are provided to the site. Water meters are not included. No hose pipes are permitted.

Telephone, Internet, and office space facilities can all be provided subject to negotiation.
Male, female, and disabled toilet facilities are all easily accessible.

Forklifts with drivers available

Access to forklift services available at nominal rates.

Ramp to offload containers

Access to ramp and services to offload containers.

Reduced carrier rates

Kingston Mills have negotiated with a preferred carrier very competitive carriage charges for parcels, boxes and pallets for all businesses and tenants operating out of Kingston Mills Industrial Estate


The industrial estate provides parking spaces which are allocated as required by each new lease.


The normal term for large units is 3 years but longer and shorter leases are also available. There are no formal leases required for our small units (under 1000 Sq ft) Rents are payable monthly in advance.

Kingston Mills offer very flexible lease terms subject to negotiation.  Lease terms are subject to negotiation and will be handled by our appointed agents.

Alternatively, we offer license agreements which offer a great deal of flexibility in an ‘all inclusive’ package.

For further information, please contact us

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